Closest to nature.
Closest to the skin.

Set aside for a long time, nature is now back at the forefront of our expectations. Finding your inner self, living in harmony with the environment, and being wary of artifices are now an evident challenge for beauty.

With Sens, Capsum offers a line of eco-friendly and uncompromising beauty products. Five sensual textures essentially formulated with natural ingredients help reveal the unique beauty of every woman.

Product Range


Lotion essentielle

Soothes and Moisturizes

Sens Lotion Essentielle combines the freshness of a lotion with the roundness of an essence. Its light texture is enriched with a little oil to hydrate skin. Laced with CBD, it soothes the skin and neck, preparing them for the following Sens treatments.


Sérum ressource

De-stresses and Plumps

Extremely fine oil-serum for skin in search of wellness. Thanks to its beneficial CBD- enriched oil bubbles, Sens Sérum Ressource leaves the complexion well-rested and more radiant, as if illuminated from within.


Belle crème

Regenerates and Nourishes

Ultra-matte and airy, Sens Belle Crème regenerates and nourishes, boasting more than 20% oil phase. Its rich texture acts like a cloud of comfort and nutrition on the skin, without any greasy or thick effect.


Granité doux

Primes and Softens

Like a gourmet jam made of oil bubbles with a gel-textured consistency, Granité Doux is a nourishing and cooling cream gel. Lightly shimmering, it enhances skin tone and leaves a veil of softness on the skin.


Mon teint

Corrects and Brightens

Neither a foundation nor a tinted cream, Mon Teint is a unique fluid and fresh texture. With 4% of pigments, its subtle sheer coverage lets your skin breathe and evens out your tone, naturally revealing its beauty. Mon Teint is available in 3 shades: I, II and III.



Natural formulas

Naturalness in cosmetics has become one of the leading consumer expectations. All Sens products are based on specific research that helps ensure an exceptionally high level of ingredients of natural origin (>98%).

Following Clean Beauty guidelines, they offer elegant textures respecting skin and nature.

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging is at the heart of a major environmental challenge for the beauty industry. With the Sens collection, Capsum upholds its environmental commitments in using:

    — Recyclable and reusable glass bottles and jars

    — Capping solutions containing as little plastic as possible

    — Recycled cardboard boxes

An exemplary approach

Capsum is making every effort to rapidly reach a 100% sustainable production. Created in our French R&D laboratories, the Sens collection is the first collection manufactured in our new site in Austin, Texas.

Aiming to produce carbon-neutral beauty products, it is one of the finest cosmetic production plants in the world in terms of energy autonomy and environmental impact.

Star Ingredient

Capsum microgreens

Plants are particularly rich in active molecules during their early stages of life. This is why we have decided to use Golden Amaranth microgreens for our Sens formulas.

The Golden Amaranth extract found in our Sens line is a revitalizing active ingredient derived from microgreens produced directly by Capsum on a responsible Urban Farming model.



Local production


fertilizers or pesticides

Controlled cultivation


CO2 emissions

100% solar energy